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Golden Horseshoe Veterinary Surgery

Golden Horseshoe Veterinary Surgery is a new mobile surgery practice providing
state of the art surgical care for dogs and cats with a board-certified veterinary
surgeon in Ontario. The primary service area is the Greater Golden Horseshoe region/GTA.
Other service areas include parts of Southern Ontario from Toronto to London
and surrounding area, north to Collingwood and Barrie and Northern Ontario.
Dr. Swayne is also available for consultation and surgery at Burlington Veterinary
Emergency and Referral Hospital.


Surgical Intervention

Intervention for your Pet

GHVS provides a service that allows your pet’s surgery to be performed in the comfort of your family veterinarian’s practice. We will provide you and your veterinarian with all of the information you need to help determine the best treatment option for your pet.

Quality Surgical Care

Quality Surgical Care & Strong Communication

Following extensive experience in private practice, Dr. Swayne and registered veterinary technician, Jenny Gibbons understand the importance of quality surgical care and strong communication. The GHVS team approach will ensure the highest standard of surgical management for your pet. We will work closely with your veterinarian and veterinary staff. Our goal is to foster the bond between veterinarians, their clients and their patients.

Surgical Consultation

Your Surgical Consultation

Dr. Swayne will meet with you and your pet to evaluate all aspects of your pet’s medical history, perform a thorough physical examination and work with you and your veterinarian to determine the best treatment option for your pet. Radiographs and other diagnostic test results will be evaluated and discussed.